August 31, 1999

Theatrical Feature Film Program Winners Announced - 1999

Triptych Media Inc., Rhombus Media Inc., Sienna films, Motion International, Cité- Amérique, and Max Films awarded $ 210,000 feature film development funding.

The Cogeco Program Development Fund launched a new development funding program this year to overwhelming response. The Fund received requests from 26 Canadian feature film production companies to support 88 feature film projects, applying for a total of $ 875,000. Eligible companies must have at least 3 feature films in development and a current, established feature film track record.

Canadian producers have a wide range of creative and innovative projects in development. Detailed business plans and thoughtful development philosophies highlighted the successful applications. Projects were also evaluated based on the creative materials and talents involved, previous track records, development and financial plans, production viability and other support.

Each successful company received interest-free development loans in the amount of $35,000 to be used as they deem appropriate, for the development of the projects submitted. Fifty per cent of the loan is to be reimbursed on the first day of principal photography of any one of the projects submitted and the other 50% upon commencement of principal photography of a second production. This program was designed by the Cogeco Program Development Fund to provide feature film producers with flexible development opportunities to encourage top quality feature film scripts.

The six production companies benefiting from this program this year have outstanding reputations in Canadian feature film production and represent some of the most dynamic, successful and award-winning companies in the country: Triptych Media Inc. (Lilies, the Hanging Garden), Rhombus Media Inc. (The Red Violin, Last Night), Sienna Films (April One, New Waterford Girl), Motion International (Babel), Cité-Amérique (Emporte-moi), and Max Films (2 secondes, Jésus de Montréal).

The Cogeco Program Development Fund offers two programs to support the Canadian television industry: the Development Program offers approximately $400,000 annually to Canadian independent producers for the development of dramatic television series, MOW's and mini-series, and since July 1999 also includes feature film development. The Production Program which offers over $1 million annually contributed by Cogeco Cable Inc., provides equity investments for the production of MOW's, mini-series and pilots for dramatic series.

The Cogeco Program Development Fund is administered by the Independent Production Fund.

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