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To provide Canadian independent producers with financing for the production of dramatic television series, mini-series and movies-of-the-week.

To be eligible for support, an applicant must:

 be a Canadian independent producer defined as a producer who operates a production company in Canada that is majority owned and controlled by Canadians;

have at least two years production experience and have already produced at least one broadcast dramatic Canadian television project as an independent producer.

Eligible productions include:

Movies-of-the week (MOW’s); or

mini-series; or

drama series with a running time of 60 minutes (or less for children’s series); or

pilots for dramatic series

All productions must be intended for prime-time broadcast (with the exception of children’s programming).

Feature films which have previously received financial assistance from the Cogeco Fund’s former Feature Film Slate Development Program are no longer eligible for production financing. 

To be eligible for support, projects must:

 have obtained from a Canadian broadcaster(s) with a CRTC broadcasting licence, dealing in good faith and at arm’s length, a licence agreement, or firm letter of commitment to licence the production at an appropriate licence fee consistent with industry standards, and a commitment to broadcast in prime time, within two years following completion of the production. In the case of children’s programming, the prime time requirement does not apply;

 in the case of pilot investment, demonstrate as part of the application and to the satisfaction of the jury, the potential of the pilot to develop into a viable series (This demonstration may take the form of a series bible, sample story ideas using the same characters or situation, etc.);

 in the case of movies-of-the-week, be a minimum of 75 minutes running time and must have their Canadian first release on Canadian television;

 qualify under the CRTC regulations as Canadian programming with a minimum of eight out of ten points for Canadian content certification;

 must be written by a Canadian writer;

 in the case of official co-productions, have a Canadian participation of not less than 50%;

 demonstrate favourable sales and recoupment potential for the Fund

 have copyright in the completed production beneficially owned by a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant or by a corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province of Canada;

 productions must not have started principal photography at the time of application;

 productions must submit all final documentation and audits within 3 years from the date of the Financing Agreement with the Cogeco Fund, or the financing commitment may be cancelled.


All documents must be submitted via the online application portal.

1. Completed electronic application form

2. Supplemental documents. Please refer to the Production Program Document Checklist for a complete list of the required documents.

The Production Program may fund up to $250,000 for the production of a MOW or mini-series; it may fund up to $35,000 for the production of a pilot episode.  Funding for series will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Note that the financial participation of the Cogeco Fund will not exceed that of the broadcaster.

Terms and conditions for investments include the following:

 funding is in the form of equity investments to be recouped according to the terms of the Production Financing Agreement

 recoupment may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis to ensure favourable recoupment potential for the fund; the Cogeco Fund prefers a percentage share of first tier recoupment;

 a written Financing Agreement duly executed by the successful applicant and the COGECO Fund establishing the terms and conditions of the investment;

 payments are made according to a payment schedule established for each project;

 acceptance of funding from the COGECO Fund establishes the Fund’s right to audit all accounts and records of the applicant;

 acknowledgement of the COGECO Fund in credits and promotional material;

 productions must conform to the industry guidelines on sex-role portrayal and violence endorsed by the CRTC.

Applications are submitted to a jury representing the French and English-language television industries, named by the Board of Directors from among its members.  The jury members may not be Directors or Officers of COGECO Inc. or any of its subsidiaries. Members of the jury may not participate in a decision concerning a project in which they themselves, or persons with which they are associated, have a direct or indirect financial interest.

Eligible applications are assessed on how well they meet the objectives and general policies of the COGECO Fund. Projects will be compared on the basis of quality.

Notification of decisions will be communicated to the applicants generally six to eight weeks after each application deadline. Successful applicants must finalize financing of their projects within 90 days and meet any other conditions of funding, or the commitment may be cancelled.

All interpretations of these Guidelines and all decisions made by the jury or the Board of Directors are at the jury’s or the Board’s absolute discretion. All decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.


The COGECO Fund reserves the right to change at any time the present Guidelines, to issue new general policies, or to vary their application as it deems fit. Such changes will not however, have the effect of superseding any conflicting provision in the contracts signed prior to the issue of these changes.

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