Q What is COGECO?

 COGECO Inc. is a Quebec-based diversified communications company. Through its various subsidiaries, COGECO provides cable, internet and telephone services to customers in Ontario and Quebec, and also holds interest in various television and radio stations.

Q What do you fund?

A – In the Development Program:

  • The Development Program provides a LOAN to support the development of new digital drama series (web series) by encouraging partnerships and guidance from experienced web series creators, writers, producers, and social media professionals.

 The Production Program:

  • The Production Program provides an EQUITY INVESTMENT for the production of series, mini-series, movies of the week, and pilots for dramatic series.

Please read our guidelines for more information on eligibility for our funding programs.

Q – In the Production Program, how do you define a pilot?

A – A pilot is judged to be a potential first program for a series if the producer can provide a bible for the series, treatments or outlines of additional episodes, and a letter from the broadcaster stating that if the pilot is successful they would be interested in developing it further into a possible series.

Q – How much money can I apply for?

The Development Program provides an advance of up to $10,000. This amount is to be reimbursed on the first day of principal photography if the project goes into production.

The Production Program generally contributes a maximum of $250,000 for series, MOWs, and mini-series, and up to $35,000 for pilots.

Q - Do you ever award less money than requested, or is it an all or nothing process?

A – In our Development and Production Programs, we may offer you less funding than requested, depending on the budget of the project, the funding available, and the number of approved projects. You may decide to accept the COGECO offer or not.

Q – Which office do I submit my application to?

A – The Toronto Office manages English-language programming for all of Canada. The Montreal Office manages French-language programming for all of Canada. You may submit your application to either office, but note that your file will be transferred to the appropriate office (ie – if you are based in Montreal, submitting for an English project, you may send your file to the Montreal Office, but it will be forwarded to the Toronto Office for evaluation, and administration if your application is successful).

Q – When do I repay the Fund?

A – Development ADVANCES for digital drama series (web series) must be repaid on the first day of principal photography if the project goes into production.

A – Production EQUITY INVESTMENTS are repayable according to a negotiated recoupment schedule, based on revenues to the production.

Q I am a writer. Can I apply for the Development Funding for my script?

A – In the Development Program for digital drama series, you can apply for funding if you are part of an applicant team with a producer and a mentor. You can find further information about applicant eligibility on our website.

A – In the Production Program, only independent producers can apply for funding. They must have a broadcast licence for every project submitted.

Q – When are the funding decisions announced?

A – We announce funding decisions approximately 6-8 weeks after the deadline dates.

Q How many proposals can a single production company submit?

A – In the Development Program, applicant teams may apply with only one project per application deadline (note: there is only one application deadline per year).

A – In the Production Program, you may submit multiple projects per deadline, but if there are a large number of eligible projects, you will, in effect, be “competing against yourself”.

Q Can a producer re-apply if they are unsuccessful at one deadline?

A – Yes, if there are “significant changes”. We do recommend that you contact the Fund for feedback on the original application before resubmitting.

Q Do you give preference to bilingual projects?

A – Yes. Certainly we have funded numerous projects in only French or English, but if your proposal is in both languages, that is a definite advantage.