The COGECO Program Development Fund provides equity financing for the production of dramatic television series, mini-series and movies-of-the-week as well as loans for the development of digital drama series.


The COGECO Fund is a private, not-for-profit fund established by COGECO Inc., a media and communications company. It is incorporated by letters patent issued under the authority of the Canada Corporations Act. The COGECO Fund is administered by an independent six (6) member Board of Directors. By contractual arrangement, the Fund uses the offices and administrative services of the Independent Production Fund in Montreal and Toronto. The COGECO Program Development Fund is certified by the CRTC as a certified independent production fund (CIPF) eligible to receive Broadcast Distribution Undertaking (BDU) contributions.              


Under the terms of CRTC Public Notice 1997-98 regarding contributions to Canadian programming by Broadcast Distribution Undertakings (BDU’s), the BDU’s controlled by Cogeco Communications Inc. are directing 20% of their requisite annual contributions to the Cogeco Fund to support Canadian programming content.


In addition, Cogeco Communications inc (formerly Cogeco Cable inc), contributed $5 million in 1992 to establish an endowment in perpetuity for the Cogeco Fund which is now valued at $8 million.  The annual revenues generated by this endowment are allocated to the funding programs of the Cogeco Fund, and a portion is reinvested in order to maintain the value of the capital of the Fund. Recoupment on investments and repayment of development loans are allocated to the funding programs of the Cogeco Fund.